EDIT** Since this post many new zombie games have beenĀ announced, one that i have joined is called thewarz.com. Its still in alpha as of Nov 21/ 2012, but soon beta will be open, and if you perorder you get to play in alpha and beta.


For some reason zombie movies have always interested me. I don’t enjoy the brain eating and dismemberment so much as the survival of each poor human who happens to still be alive. I’ve tried a few zombie games over the years, but most are either just lame, or not intuitive enough for me.

Well have no fear, DayZ is here!! This Arma2 mod has what a real zombie game should have, in my humble HUMBLE opinion of course. This is a 3D/3rd person game, the DayZ mod has zombies, guns, vehicles, food, animals, scavenging, mayhem, sneaking, other players (usually worse then the zombies) and all the things a zombie game SHOULD have. It’s still I’m Alpha so it’s got alot of bugs, and the Arma2 game engine seems pretty bad, BUT there’s a HUGE map and it works well for the zombie game. There’s also another important thing… If you die you are dead! There’s no save, there’s no continue, there’s no rewind! If you Agro too many zombies, or happen to find the fast end of a bandits bullet, YOU ARE DEAD!
Every survivor needs a hideout, in this game they let you plant tents and you can store stuff in them, and these stay if you die, so you can try get back to it if you die and hopefully none else has found it.

I’m out of time but if your looking for a zombie game to tryout, go get Arma2:combined operations and the dayz mod, and start trying to survive. they sell it on steam also and sometimes it’s on sale there.

DayZ mod website