Having your HP Inkjet Printer stop printing can be from many different things. BUT if it stops suddenly, and just won’t print black, this may be the issue.

Something inside the HP Inkjet Printers get hung up, and just won’t print black anymore. You can run all the print cleaning tests, change your cartridges, and even inject cleaner into the print heads, still won’t work.

BEFORE you try all those things, try this first.

Jump into your printer driver, and change 1 of 2 things (it might just need any changes, but even installing the print driver new again will not fix it.)

  1. Change the printer from Color to Black and White, press APPLY and OK, should start working.
  2. OR change the paper setting from plain to glossy.

Both of these have been known to work. On my HP Officejet  Pro 6230 I was able to fix it by changing from Color to Black and White. I was even able to change back to Color after and it kept on working. It somehow resets something inside the printer.