I don’t like long winded posts, so ill try keep it to the facts and maybe even attach a video.

In all this I will just say, if you have swelling batteries, contact DJI, and then FIGHT for them to get replaced for free.

Long and the short of it is that I had the same issue many MANY people online, and are complaining about, swelling DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone batteries. If you do a google search when I wrote this for “mavic 2 swollen battery” it would return about 90,000 hits.

I also had the issue with the controller (it started about 1.5 years or less from purchase date) where the battery would not charge up to 100 percent anymore, also it would drain very VERY quickly, like it would show around 80% charged, but let you fly less then one flight before it started beeping and saying it was going to die. I had a few scary moments ill say trying to get my drone home before the controller died.

I purchased my drone in the end of 2019, got the extended replacement warranty, and I feel I took the best care I could of the drone and all parts of it. After about 1.5 years (or a bit less) I noticed my controller battery started to not charge properly, it happened very quickly and made the drone close to useless because I couldn’t even get a full flight out of one battery.

I then also noticed my batteries were swelling, they had actually been swelling for  awhile but I hadn’t really noticed, but I do remember them not fitting in my drone very well anymore.

I contacted DJI about the batteries, told them it seemed like the swelling issue that was very popular online. They got me to send them some pics and even a video of the batteries. The guy in the email said send them back to DJI because it looked like they would get replaced (even out of warranty he said.)

Thanks for getting back to DJI Technical Support.

If the swollen condition is not obviously visible, please send back your battery for diagnosis. If the battery is swollen for reasons other than an external force, then the battery can be replaced for free. For your remote controller, if you want know what’s wrong on it, please send back with your battery together.

I also sent in my controller, that battery issue was also a know flaw, but less wide spread then the swelling drone batteries form what I can tell.

They assessed everything and told me that nothing would be covered under warranty, and that I owed $521USD (I’m Canadian so that’s some hefty chunk of change.)

In the warranty process I wasn’t really able to reply directly to the warranty guys, but customer service did did keep sending me updates every 2 days, asking if I was satisfied and they were going o close the case, I kept replying I wasn’t satisfied and don’t understand why the batteries aren’t being replace for free. I actually had to go back and reply to one of the original emails so I could get ahold of someone, and I finally asked to speak to a manager because I feel like this wasn’t right. Right after I said that the batteries got discounted and I just had to pay for the controller to be repaired. Which I happily did $74 USD and they ended up giving me a new controller.

So in the end I feel like DJI has kept a lifetime customer they may have otherwise lost. It was going to cost about $450USD to replace the batteries, and then $9USD for the controller battery and $65USD for replacing it. Which I was OK with, but having to pay $521USD after owning my drone less then 2 years, I was seriously thinking of what I was even going to do.

In all that I will just say, if you have swelling batteries, contact DJI, and then FIGHT for them to get replaced for free.

  • Featured picture is of the 3 brand new batteries and the new controller I received.