Having an Iphone i get stuck to Apples proprietary ways. I haven’t been able to find a good, easy, and free way to transfers documents from my PC to Iphone… Until NOW!

Dropbox is a backup and sync tool that stores data in the clouds, allowing you to have access to the files stored there on all computers connected to your account. Its easy to setup, and you get 2 gigs free (up to 8 gigs free by getting your friends to signup.) Or you can purchase plans that better suite your needs.

I found that Iphone has a Dropbox app, and whammy within minutes i was able to easily and efficiently share files between my win7 PC and Iphone 3GS. No more emailing PDF files/MSOffice docs, etc to yourself, just drop into Dropbox and they are on your phone.

Go here to get an account and the Dropbox app for your PC.

Go the the app store on your Iphone to get the Dropbox phone app.