What Blog should you use? Well i cant really answer that, but i can tell you why and how i chose WordPress.

After deciding i needed a blog, i looked quickly at my host provider 1and1.com and decided its probably not going to be even half as good as mainstream blogging programs.

I then went to trusty Google and typed in “best blog program” and the first link had a comparison of the top 10 ( l love comparisons, makes choosing a much quicker task,) and the #1 was WordPress.

I had heard of  WordPress, and heard it was good, so that made my mind up for me just about right away.

After clicking on it to read it it mentions WordPress.org and WordPress.com, i decided to find out the different between the 2

WordPress.org vs WordPress.com

Short form, WordPress.org is open source (free,) allowing you to do with it as you wish. That being said freedom has its price of you having to know what you are doing. You have to install, setup, troubleshoot all on your own. You also need to pay (or provide) for your own hosting.

WordPress.com is provided by some of the same people who provide you with WordPress.org. But WordPress.com also provides free hosting, setup, tracking, and other things. WordPress.com is an all-in-one package, and its all ready to go for people that want a site up quickly and easily. The free version has restrictions, like you can’t change the PHP code manually, have to choose from their templates, etc. You can remove these restrictions if you pay for it with packages that suite your needs.


SO i decided to go with WordPress.org (the free one) as i have a hosting site, URL and I was capable of setting it up on my own. I also wanted the options of the customization you can only do with the .org version.


Here’s the site that has the full comparison. WordPress.com vs WordPress.org