Here I sit in bed with my wife and new baby (I warned that I may talk about my baby) and I decided to see if I could post in my blog. Now that I’m here, in wondering how much is feasible on my iPhone. So far this blog post has been going smoothly. Login and creating this new post was quick and problem free (on wifi not 3G, if you care.) now I want to see what else I can on WordPress.

… Minutes later I found out you cannot use the editor past the part of the page that loads in, because it won’t let you scroll down.

I would continue my quest, but I’m happy I can blog from my iPhone. But I am also sick of typing on it, and my neck is starting to cramp up.

I also just found out you cant scroll back up on the post either, so get it right as you go along unless you plan on proofing it on your computer. I’ll post this now from my iPhone as that was the whole point of this exercise.