Well today I just about got nabbed by a text scam. I got a text from a number +14383415597 and it said

IMCOMING E-Transfer: You’ve been reimbursed a total amount of $33.75 due to an overcharge on your last bill. See http://bellmobilieDOTcom/ (URL changed so its not flagged as malware.)

How did I almost click the link?

  1. I remember recently leaning that you can now send and receive e-Transfers by text.
  2. I run a business and get a lot of emails and texts, including e-transfers.
  3. I have had Bell phones in the past, and momentarily forgot I was with Rogers and not Bell anymore.
  4. I do watch my cell phone bills as they sometimes mess them up.But I had not looked lately.

I almost clicked the link… then thought, hold on a second!

Why I didn’t click the link!

  1. I almost never click something that can be a scam without doing some research on it.
  2. I quickly googled the phone number, it did not turn up for Bell in any way, but also it did not turn up as a scam. Just was mostly unknown is all.
  3. Then I realized it was Bell, and my wife also said, “we aren’t with Bell.”
  4. I thought, why would I get an e-Transfer? They usually just credit your bill.
  5. Then I looked up “Bell E-transfer scam” and found lots of info that there are scams like that to watch out for. I didn’t see much about a text scam, but I knew it could just as easily be done.
  6. I noticed the link was http://bellmobilie.com/
    1. First off that’s the wrong URL, they spelled it wrongly and your mind doesn’t see it.
    2. Its not SSL or HTTPS, and most sites are now a days.

Yeah its a scam!

Be careful and take a second to check it out before you click!